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2019 Prairie Grass League Tournament 12U Champions

Congratulations to Tea McKinney on winning the 12U Prairie Grass League tournament held in Lennox.  Tea McKinney was able to edge out Tea Delger in the championship. 

Great tournament with a bit too much heat, but all the players managed themselves well.  Thanks to Lennox for Hosting.

2019 Prairie Grass League 10U Champions

Congratulations to Lennox Butler for being crowned the Prairie Grass League Champs for 10U.  A fine tournament was played by runner up Parker Anderson and semifinalist Tea DeYoung and Worthing Duncan. 

The players were tough and did a nice job of handling the heat and sun.  Thanks to all for making it a great tournament in Tea.

Prairie Grass League Tournaments 10U and 12U

Schedules and Rules are attached below.  Tiebreakers to address ties in standings followed the tiebreaker rules:

Head to Head
Runs Allowed
Runs Scored
Run Differential


For the rules, please read and understand them.  Below are some bullets that coaches need to understand:

  • 10U has 5 inning games
  • 10U has no per inning run rule.  The season rule was maximum of 5 runs per inning.
  • Pool play games can end in a tie
  • Bracket games must be played to a winner
  • Pitch max is 95 pitches for 10U and 105 pitches for 12U




10U Tournament in Tea

I am still awaiting one final score from last week to finalize standings.  At this point, Tea Sowers is the only team to indicate that they will not be able to field a team this weekend.  14 Team Tournament format will include two pools of 3 teams each and two 4-team brackets.  The teams that come out of the pool/bracket play will make up the semifinal match ups.

Pool 1 will include seeds 1,8,14

Pool 2 will include seeds 2,7,13

Bracket 3 will include seeds 3,6,9,12

Bracket 4 will include seeds 4,5,10,11

I will get this posted as soon as I can finalize standings.

Prairie Grass League Tournament Dates

This years league tournament will be held of Friday and Saturday, June 28th and 29th.  Tournament games will begin Friday night at 6pm and resume again all day on Saturday.  The tournament will be a 2 game guarantee for all teams and potential for more games as teams advance.  10U tournament will be held in Tea and the 12U tournament will be held in Lennox.  Tournament brackets are formed by # of teams entered and ranked according to the standings as of June 20th.

Tournament games will charge a gate fee to help offset the cost of umpires, field maintenance, baseballs and trophies.  Full concessions will be available.

Prairie Grass Leage BAT Rules


I have received some feedback regarding the bat rules for Prairie Grass League and I just wanted to clarify what is in our League Rules.  In plain terms, it follows website in terms of rules.  All bats must have USABAT stamp.  Illegal bats include USSSA bats.  Bats should be removed from the game and the batter is called out if he steps into the batters box with an illegal bat.


Equipment Rules (From Prairie Grass League Rules)

  1. Bats – Bats may not exceed 2 5/8 diameter, be no more than 33 inches in length and as of 1/1/2019, all bats shall include the official stamp of the Little League Baseball organization or state approved by Little League IAW USABAT. All wood bats must be approved Little League bats (must have Little League logo on bat). Any illegal bat will be removed from the game and the batter is out. See for a complete list of bat requirements.
  2. Only baseball bats are allowed (softball bats are not allowed). Anyone using a larger bat will have his team warned, one warning per team per game. A second or any subsequent violation results in a strikeout of the batter violating the rule.

From Link:

Bat requirements for 12U Age Division. All bats for 12U teams must be in accordance with

USABAT Standard. The bat shall include the official stamp of the Little League Baseball

organization or state Little League approved. See this link for USABAT. Any illegal bats will be

removed from the game and the batter is out


2019 Season Schedule is Online and updated

You will need to select 2018 Season for the time being to see your game schedule.  We continue to work on the ability to remove 2018 season and have everything under 2019. 

Season Starts 05/20/2019

Baseball/Softball Field Map

Baseball/Softball Map